Zion Cove A Gated Community
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The Zion Cove gated community is conveniently located between Knoxville and Chattanooga in East Tennessee. You will feel right at home when you turn in and see the beautiful landscaped island, the bold brick and stone columns on the walls of the entrance - making you wish you were on the other side of the gate.

This beautiful property in East Tennessee has been developed with no expense spared. Zion Cove is within ten miles of two hospitals, seven elementary schools, two high schools, and Tennessee Wesleyan College.


  • 1 Entrance
    Notice the Brick Entry Way
  • 2 Gated Entrance
  • 3 Zion Cove Lane and Deer Path Road Intersection.
  • 4 Future Expansion
  • 5 24' wide road with curbing
  • 6 Basketball and Dual Tennis Courts
    View from side
  • 7 Basketball and Dual Tennis Courts
    View from Zion Cove Lane
  • 8 View from Lot 14 to basketball court
  • 9 Front Entrance
  • 10 Front View of Fence

Phase One lots currently being sold. Lots are an average of a half-acre in size and prices range from $39,700 to $59,900. Please click here to see available lots.

Scott Cass | 492 County Road 550 | Englewood, TN 37329 | Phone: 865-310-2018